The BSO consists of 7-16 experimental performers and a live composer. Their pieces, made of sound and movement, could be described as a trip of obscure and colorful images, an expansive way of traveling among improvisation and avand-garde music beyond contemporary jazz.

The BSO worked together with visual and interdisciplinary artists and other orchestras around the world. They developed site specific projects in churches, lifts, parkings and circuses.

Current line-up
Makiho Yoshida, Violin + Penelope Gkika, Violin + Adam Goodwin, Double Bass + Kriton A. Beyer, Harmonium + Bianca G.,  Voice + Bob Meanza, Electronics + Hada Benedito, Soundpainter/Piano


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With Isabel Rößler

The double bass takes root, the leaves and flowers spiral out of the piano and the fruits unfold their excitement in the ears of the audience. Hada and Isabel's improvised music sparkles with joie de vivre, holds many surprises and is al pleasure to listen to.


Isabel Rößler - Double bass

Hada Benedito - Prepared piano




Music for silent films

I compose and improvise live the soundtrack for silent films, on piano/extended piano, other instruments or sound objects, and with the BSO as well.



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With Estela Lloves

Estela Lloves and Hada Benedito have been working together since 2010. They performed in the national festival Catropezas in Vigo and in the international festival Escenas Do Cambio in Santiago de Compostela. Since 2016, they play annually as a guest in the Radolfzellen Kulturnacht.


Estela Lloves - Concept, Choreography, Dance performance.

Hada Benedito - Compositions, live performance (extended bicycle, piano, electronics and voice).


Project selection:

Immerlebendig, Der Hauswurzel - Arraiana dance Company, 2017

Die Zeit, Wie Ein Körper Gefaltet - Arraiana dance Company, 2015

Knochenblume - Arraiana dance company, 2010

Transport Orchestra

Transport Orchestra is a group of musicians who play any kind of transportation vehicles.


Current members are:

Hada Benedito playing Extended Bike and electronics,

Dj Yugo playing samplers,

Ememe playing Handwagon and pedals.


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L´Escarabat are VICENT doménech and HADA benedito. The first person composes and plays with alto sax and several toy instruments and small instruments. The second person composes too and also sings, plays piano, keyboards and toy piano.





You have a piano at home?
I offer private piano concerts with both written and improvised music. These are intimate performances that make possible a personal interaction and create a bonding between the performer and the audience in a familiar environment.



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Music for piano and videocamera

This is our vision of John Cage's work, where sounds and images are often as free as those that surround us every day. The proposal includes 7 pieces very different from each other, going from joke to fury, from evocation to bewilderment, from laughter to emptiness. Hada Benedito - Concept, Piano, Toy piano, Prepared piano, Objects Judith Rocabert - Dramaturgy, Videocamera Premiere: Sala Club Diario Levante, Ciclo Nuevas Miradas, Valencia 2008