Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra

The Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra consists of 7-16 experimental musicians, improvisers and composers, all coming from different backgrounds and countries. Their live composed works, made of sound and movement, could be described as a trip of obscure and colorful images, an expansive way of traveling among improvisation and avand-garde music beyond contemporary jazz.


Soundpainting is a sign language for live composition conceived by Walter Thompson in the 70s. One of his collaborators, Hada Benedito, created the first Soundpainting orchestra in Berlin in June 2012. Since then, they have performed not only as a ensemble, but also playing on silent movies, working together with visual artists, and other orchestras around the world. Their concept of building sonic and visual compositions in the space lead them to present their shows in varied and unsual stages as lifts, parkings and circuses.


Current line-up:

Makiho Yoshida - Violin

Penelope Gkika - Violin

Adam Goodwin - Double Bass


Kriton A. Beyer - Harmonium

Bianca G. - Voice

Bob Meanza -  Electronics

Hada Benedito - Soundpainter/Piano

Transport Orchestra

Transport Orchestra is a group of musicians who play any kind of transportation vehicles.


Current members are:


Hada Benedito playing Extended Bike and electronics,

Dj Yugo playing samplers,

Ememe playing Handwagon and pedals.

The Ready Orchestra

The Ready Orchestra is an encounter between various personalities and backgrounds invited for who they are.

The Ready Orchestra are among others:
Rieko - viola
Penelope Gkika - violin
Maria Koltsida - keyboard
Valentina Bellanova - flutes
Bianca G. - vocals
Verónica Mota - Analogue Synthesizers & Ritualistic Objects
Rosi - voice & electronics
Jean P'ark - keys & electronics
Manon Parent – violin
ulrikebrigitte – electric guitare
Claudia Fox – piano
Moldy Horse – synthetiser
Djaimal – bass drum
Shirin, Lena, Anna, Chrifo – k.a
Gili BenZvi – k.a.
Niki Matita – mics
WJM – mixer + md, cdj, mic
Any – voice, electronics
Emma – k.a.
Casey Moir – voice
Mia Dyberg - saxophone, objects
Nadja Mississipi – trombone
JD Zazie - found sounds, turntable, electronics
Johanna – une vieille guitare acoustique qui fait mal aux doigts
Sonia Noya, syntheticbody
Hada Benedito - piano, electronics

Music for the piece "Knochenblume" - Arraiana dance company

Die Zeit, Wie Ein Körper Gefaltet - Arraiana dance Company

Estela Lloves - Concept, Choreography, Dance performance.

Hada Benedito - Music, live performance with Extended Bicycle and electronics.



Music for piano

Musikeon: 20 años 20 pianos

dieFENDEL (Kabarett)