Hada Benedito Mateo


Trained pianist, multiverse musician, director and founder of the Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra.

Since 2003 she has been active in the field of contemporary music, developing, among others, a John Cage program that she presented on various stages in Spain.

In 2009 she moved to Berlin. She started to perform live music for silent films and played improvised music and her own compositions in different formations, e.g. in the swing duo l'Escarabat.

In 2011, Hada performed in a production in which 20 pianos were played together (20 años, 20 pianos), and in 2018 she composed and conducted a new piece for 13 pianos (Homenaje a Diego Gymers), both in Valencia, Spain.

Since 2011 she has been conducting the live composition orchestra "Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra" (BSO). She is a certified soundpainter, offers soundpainting workshops and participates in the annual Think Tank.

As an improviser, she is networked with various experimental musician:s and has performed with her electro-acoustic bicycle set in the Transport Orchestra and as a member of the 40+ head women's project called The Ready Orchestra, among others. In addition, she has performed internationally in modern dance, such as with dancer/performer Estela Lloves and the Arraiana dance Company. 

With the BSO she developed multidisciplinary site-specific projects and collaborated with the Swedish Soundpainting Orchestra. They organized interactive happenings in public places such as park, backyard, circus, urban gardens, church, pedestrian passage, corridor, etc.

Their music has taken them to many European countries, as well as Japan and India.

During a year-long residency in India (2018-2019), she collaborated with Seljuk Rustum, giving workshops, organizing and performing in musical and multidisciplinary productions, and playing together with independent Indian artists, as well as from the USA and Japan. They worked together with American composer Michael Northan and Indian sound artist Bidisha Das. Upon her return to Berlin, they began a collaboration with renowned New York poet and musician Louise Landes-Levi.

Since 2020, in addition to purely musical projects, she has been working in a social context, working (for the Prinzenakademie and the Gelbe Villa) on creative music, art and theater projects with children.

She organized several experimental mini-festivals in Berlin, among them child-friendly mini-festivals for experimental music, poetry and performance ("Spielplatz") and wants to continue with it as soon as the pandemic allows.